Accept Payments Anywhere. Get Paid Faster.

Accept Payments Your Way

The virtual terminal gives your business the flexibility to send one-time invoices, create invoice schedules, key in payment information directly to the system, and even send customers to a hosted payment page for easy payment.

Simplify Your Billing Process

The Cardaccept Virtual Terminal provides ways for you to simplify your billing process and save time in your day. From securely storing payment methods, including credit cards and banking information, to setting up recurring payments – getting paid has never been easier.

Manage Business Growth

Designed with your growing business in mind, the virtual terminal makes it easy to add new team members, manage roles and permissions, and train your team on our easy-to-use interface.

Endless Possibilities

Create a customized payment flow by adding additional solutions to your virtual terminal. Send sales started on your virtual terminal to a physical terminal to accept card present transactions, finish payments on your mobile device, and even sync bi-directionally Quickbooks Online for easy reconciling.

More Reasons to Love Cardaccept

Designed to grow with your business, Cardaccept brings your entire payment experience into one easy-to-use platform.

Data When You Need It

No matter how you process, all of your payment data lives within the Omni platform.


Integrate bi-directionally with your favorite business tools, like Quickbooks Online.

Processing Management

Manage your statements, deposit reports, PCI compliance, and more!

Dedicated Customer Success

Your account manager knows your name, business name, and what you need for success!